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Asleep in the Garden

Can we not stay awake with you for just one hour (Mt 26:40)?

Help us and have mercy on us, O Lord. For if we cannot speak to our Father in heaven with you now, how can we submit our plea before the Judgment Seat? If we cannot kneel with you now, how can we stand at trial? If we cannot suffer with you now, how can we ask for the glories of the Kingdom?

Teach us your ways of prayer so that the words we say are the actions we take (Mt 6:9-13). Help us meditate on your life, so that we do not build tabernacles in the wrong place at the wrong time (Luke 9:33). Let us contemplate you so that we may be bathed in your light and love (John 1:9).

Plant the seed of that fateful hour. Water it with the blood of sacrifice. Stay awake at Gethsemane to find the path to Heaven.


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