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Take the Unchartered Course

Children are taught many things growing up. They are firmly disciplined so they know how to behave. They are encouraged to experience many things so they know what they like and dislike. They are highly educated so they know how to get a job. But is there something more fundamental missing?

How often are children encouraged to follow God's will? How well are they taught how to discern what it is that He is asking of them? How much are they believed, understood or supported when they decide they have heard from God?

Even if a family goes to church on a regular basis, there doesn't seem to be any guarantee at all that a discussion has occurred about living organically with God. Sure, parents are always telling their children what to do and not to do. But this is often about their moral choices. Thus, children and young adults are left with the impression that God is a larger-than-life parent that simply doesn't want them having sex or drinking or smoking or staying out all night or hanging out with the wrong people or using vulgarity or murdering people or gaining some sort of bad reputation.

The failure here is that there's no understanding of or teaching about God and His promise of love, unity and salvation in this life and the next. And when discussions cover subjects like that, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are presented in the same light as friends, pals, counselors, confidants, soulmates and the like.

The truth is so much deeper, higher and intense that most people spend their lives not knowing what they're missing. Stop missing out.

Start taking those unchartered courses that start as lingering notions in the head and fluttering urges in the heart. Those are inklings of the Holy Spirit that attempt to draw you out into Christ who is calling ever closer to His heart so that you can spend eternity basking in the energies of God that vibrate close to His essence.

That's the place you want to be. Fear missing out on that.


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