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Regaining Wholeness

"Christ is still roaming among sinners healing every weakness and every infirmity of the soul. The Holy Spirit is ever ready to endow the tremulous with power from the highest. Grace is present every day to support trembling hands and feeble knees. And the love of Christ, when kindled in the repentant heart, changes it from a cowardly one to that of a martyr. How often has repentance turned feebleness, defeat, and surrender into testimony, witnessing and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel. The remembrance of previous horrors of the soul, of its despair and defeat are turned into a testimony of Christ's mercy. Terror as the motive force of sin and lust evaporates in smoke, and servile submission to the call of the company of evil is turned into advice and proclamation."

- Matthew the Poor in The Communion of Love, p. 105


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