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Find Your Cave

The Savior was offered a cave in which He was born. This is scandalous, of course, because the child Christ, His Mother Mary, and His adoptive father Joseph should never have been dishonored by lying in a dirty, forgotten place. This is also glorious because it makes a point about the necessity of humility.

But this story is about something far more important than emotional responses to aesthetical facts. To put it simply, our surroundings mean little in the context of understanding God, His love, His mercy, His wisdom, and His will.

In other words, the facts of Jesus' birth teach us that all things begin and end with a contemplation of God.

So ask yourself: do I pray? Do I know how to be quiet and still? Will I let God invade me like Mary? Will I allow Him to rest in my heart all the days of my life?

Find your cave and contemplate the one who creates, redeems, and sanctifies.


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