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A Prayer for Change

We have a tendency to shy away from prayer when we feel bad about ourselves. Sometimes we think we can't talk to God or ask Mary and the Saints for help because we feel dirty, ashamed, guilty, or that we just can't live up to God's promises.

The truth is that God is loving and merciful and He knows what already ails us even before we ask His help in changing. Granted, at some point we have to change the very thing that troubles us most. But the way to that permanent change always goes through prayer. It's the place and process that gives us supernatural support for our natural ailments and personal failings.

There's a particularly simple vocal prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God that lovingly asks her to help heal that which afflicts us like a disease. What's beautiful about this prayer is that it can be a plea for healing from something physical, psychological, intellectual, relational, or spiritual.

It's simple enough and direct enough that when you read it repeatedly, ever more slowly each time, it can launch you into a silent meditation on the loving forgiveness of God, on the afflictions taken on by Christ for us, on the omnipresent desire of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us, and the tender disposition of the Mother of God who desires to hold us close within her veil.

Here it is:

"Heal me, O Most Pure Theotokos, and heal the sickness that afflicts my soul, making it worthy of your kindness and your care, and by your fervent intercession grant me health, I pray."


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