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Transverse the Divide

While we await

Our eternal return

To fully live in God,

It is our job and our joy to commune with Him

By entering into the divine discourse that

Requires no words.

While the Eucharist is the fount and summit of

All created interface with the Holy Trinity,

Personal prayer is the daily guarantor that

We seek in order to bind in union the divinity

We share by the energies of God with that

Divinity, which is God’s in Essence.

The prayers we offer to, for, and with God,

Rather than being long, thin and petty, are

Intended to plunge the depths of the hypostatic union

In order to help the true believer

Transverse the divide between the

Kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of man.

Andrew Rublev's 15th century icon of the Holy Trinity based on the Hospitality of Abraham.


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