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Lust for Control Blinds Us to God's Will

Modern culture breeds in us an insatiable quest to control every aspect of our own lives and a rabid lust for any type of mastery over others. The more we embrace this cultural norm, the more we willingly drive ourselves into the dark embrace of the evil one. The antidote for this is learning the will of God in each of our lives and humbly following it each and every day.

Christ taught us this kind of humility when, while asking that the 'this cup might be taken,' still prayed that the Father's will be done (Matthew 26:39). By descending from the Heavenly Kingdom, taking on a human nature and will (while keeping the divine nature and will), choosing to live among sinners (some of whom tortured Him and nailed Him to the cross), rising from the dead, and ascending into Heaven, Christ Himself showed that bowing to the Divine Will is what we are called to do.

But that doesn't seem to be enough for us. A tragic side effect of the arrogance and conceit of this same culture is that Christ's actions, even if believed, are dismissed as an act of God and therefore unrelated to the human experience. And that is one reason why God gave us the Most Holy Theotokos, Mary, the Mother of God. As a mere human, she showed us what it means to discern the will of God and follow it throughout our entire life. Her ultimate "yes" to God showed us what it means to live in peace while suffering the trials and tribulations that the evil one, his minions, and quite frankly, each and every one of us foist onto ourselves and others. She taught us what it means to look to heaven, say "yes" and remain in that "yes."

So don't let lust for control over yourself or others cloud what it is that God needs you to do. When we give way to His will, we find light and love and joy even in the most difficult times.

Most Holy Theotokos, intercede for us, that we may learn to live for the will of God and shun the lust for prideful control.


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