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Wasting Precious Time

Do not waste time my loved ones. Do not let the world lull you into a sense of complacency. Do not let the evil one trick you into thinking you are the center of the universe. Or worse, that God is not at the center of the universe!

You already know that God is One, that God is Triune, that God is personal in Christ and ever-present in the Holy Spirit. You already know how many times He has sent His angels to help you. You already know that the saints have reached out to you in times of need. But the evil one has convinced you not to believe what you know deep down in your heart.

Run from these lies. If you don't, you will surely shed tears of regret that your life has been spent on so many frivolous, meaningless, selfish tasks. You will surely experience the pain of deep regret in looking back on the time you spent pursuing your most base desires. Evil lurks everywhere.

But fighting it couldn't be any simpler to understand. Keep God has your focus. Meditate on the life of Christ. Seek the love and leading of the Holy Spirit. Desire union with God. Desire the mystical life that can already found here on earth (most easily in the Divine Liturgy and the other sacraments, but also in personal prayer and the miracles of creation).

Reflect on the Eschaton. Reflect on what it means to join God in His Heavenly Kingdom. He loves you and wants to hear from you in prayer.


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