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Fading Toward Opaque

When sin interrupts our communion with God, it is as if the glass of the mirror we already see through dimly (1 Cor 13:12) fades toward the opaque. Like the devil's hands covering our eyes or his fingers slowly tightening around our heart, our soul suffocates from the viscous drool of his devouring mouth. As we struggle in his grip and gasp for, the vision of the depravity of ourselves and others gives way to just one thing...the fuller realization that all we need, and truthfully, all we want, comes down to one and the same thing: the light, the energy, in fact the love of God.

We stop struggling. We let ourselves lay in His arms, hearing His heart beat, feeling the warmth of his breath on our head.

We become still

We become silent.

Opaque gives way to an illuminated darkness.


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