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Glory and Suffering with Christ

"After fulfilling the course of our salvation with all these works, Christ stands there, face pale and wounds in His hands, feet, and side, and asks, 'Do you believe in Me? Do you believe in the works I have done? Do you really accept Me as a Bridegroom?' He does not wait to hear us say 'Yes' (only as a slothful bride); He invites us to a total communion with Him in suffering and glory alike. We thus have to prove our communion with Him in faith by having communion with Him in His works; only works testify to the genuineness of our faith. Yet He, as a true Bridegroom, did not leave us to invent works for ourselves but laid down the course of our works and life: 'I am the way;' He who follows me will not walk in darkness.' Following Him is not so much an intellectual theory as it is tracking Him, imitating His works, and sharing communion in love and suffering."

- Matthew the Poor in The Communion of Love, p. 112-113


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