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Visible Presentation of Divine Reality 2

"Sometimes the Lord wishes to send somebody from the other world: either in reality or in dreams, in their own appearance or under some other guise. In such a way the Mother of God has appeared many times, either alone, with the Pre-eternal Child, or accompanied by the saints - one, two, or many. The Great Martyr Katherine (November 24), for example, was converted by the appearance in her sleep of the Mother of God with the Pre-eternal Child, who betrothed her to Himself as His bride. Many times the angels have appeared, either singly or in assembly. For example, the entire world of the Holy Angels appear to Blessed Andrew, Fool-for-Christ (November 24), in his sleep, in contrast with the horde of dark powers, which also appeared. Many times the saints have appeared; for example, St. Mitrophan appeared to the Lutheran physician, to the sick girl, and to many others" (the specific occurrences in this last sentence would have been understand by St. Theophan's contemporaries)."

- St. Theophan the Recluse, Turning the Heart to God, p.20 (published separately, this is the second part of The Path to Salvation).


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