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Contemplation in St. Gregory Palamas

Creation is a good, which God gave to us out of pure love. But that doesn't mean everything we create is as equally true and beautiful. That is why it is so important to work on ridding ourselves of those things that block our relationship with God. More specifically, this process of 'stripping away' is vital to healing and growing in union with Christ.

"Contemplation, then, is not simply abstraction and negation; it is a union and a divinization which occurs mystically and ineffably by the grace of God, after the stripping away of everything from here below which imprints itself on the mind, or rather after the cessation of all intellectual activity; it is something which goes beyond abstraction (which is only the outward mark of the cessation)."

- St. Gregory Palamas, The Triads, as found in The Classics of Western Spirituality, Paulist Press, ed. John Meyendorff, pp. 34-35.


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