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Don't Let Pain Take a Permanent Hold

Sadness, difficulty, anger, and fear seem to be a part of life. But from where do these arise? Setting aside illness and death for the moment, these emotional responses flood our minds frequently, if not daily, as expressions of disappointment in ourselves and others.

As humans, partly through the fact of sin and partly through the conditioning of our culture, we tend to think we are not capable or good enough. Often, the expectations others put upon us are inappropriate. Sometimes, a loved one does something that causes us grief. Occasionally, a coworker acts underhandedly. Maybe, a church member is talking behind our backs.

Whatever the case may be, healing is available. While specific recovery techniques can be found for the various pains that come to us, don't ever forget that the most important part of healing is giving ourselves over to the divine cloud. What that means is this: while God is always doing 99 percent of the work, when we re-focus our intellect, emotion, body, relationships, and spiritual life on Him, we are giving the 1 percent that is needed to heal and make ourselves whole again.

The more we fix our self on God, the more our life becomes an organic whole that is linked with the original divine purpose; and the pain that tries to invade will not be allowed to take permanent hold.


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