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Infinitely Far but Intimately Close

Between God, in His Divine Essence, and humankind, in all of its sinful banality, there lies an incomprehensible infinitude. Yet, through God's creatively-redeeming and lovingly-sanctifying Divine Energies, humankind also discovers an equally incomprehensible intimacy.

In other words, we are not God and never will be. But God loves us and He is nearer to us than we are to ourselves. That is why we should lovingly seek that love with every breath, every thought, every beat of our heart.

Can you imagine what would happen if we sat still for a minute to listen, to see, to know God in His ever-flowing effusiveness? What if we tried for an hour?

Can you imagine what would be possible if our entire search for truth, goodness, and beauty was derived from, and remained in, an attitude of faith-and-love-filled hope?

Intimacy with God is real. He's already come to you. Just lean in.


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