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You Are Not Forever Broken

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

You are not forever broken. You are not permanently stuck.

If you simply look up, you will see that Christ is near. If you simply open your ears, you will hear His voice. Let Him penetrate your mind and heart.

Believe in where He is leading you. Get up. Go with Him.

That's what the Holy Apostle Matthew did. When He saw and heard Jesus, he got up from the chair where he collected taxes and went. He became someone new.

You have the choice to be someone new. Ask for Holy Apostle Matthew to show you the way.

Pray with these two small hymns that are sung on the feast day of the Holy Apostle:

- Troparion of St. Matthew: "With zeal, you followed Christ the Master, who in His goodness, appeared on earth to mankind. Summoning you from the custom house, He revealed you as a chosen apostle: the proclaimer of the Gospel to the whole world! Therefore, divinely eloquent Matthew, we honor your precious memory! Entreat merciful God that He may grant our souls remission of transgressions.

- Kontakion of St. Matthew: "Casting aside the bonds of the custom house for the yoke of justice, you were revealed as an excellent merchant, rich in wisdom from on high. You proclaimed the word of truth and roused the souls of the slothful by writing of the hour of Judgment."


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