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Failures and Fire

I digress,

I admit,

Too often.

It is a failure,

My failure,

To recognize the limits

Of my steadfastness.

My heart remains fixed on You.

Of course...

My mind runs wild and

My mouth runs foul.

It is the scourge

Of the moment

Or the curse of a life.

Run aground

Run astray

Run amuck


Roughshod and

Riddled with

Rhymes that don't rhyme.

Littered with riddles that are

Riddled without reason.

Reasons that never find a season

And seasons without reason.

Why these gifts?

Why here?

Why now?

To learn to return

To the source

Of course.

To feel the burn

Of a heart turned

By a fire lit from above

And scorching from below.

There is only one me!

And there is only one You!

Holy Spirit within

Holy Spirit without

Teach me to live.

Live now!

Live without abandon!


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