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Get Rid of All Obstacles

During this time of isolation, I encourage you to learn more about your inner life with God. If you do so in all earnest, you will taste His spiritual sweetness and find true rest in Him.

"16. Therefore, O beloved brethren, since such good things have been offered to us and such wonderful promises have been made to us by the Lord, let us get rid of all obstacles. Let us renounce all love for the world and devote ourselves to that one good by a thorough seeking and yearning so that we may become sharers in that ineffable love of the Spirit about which St. Paul urged us to hasten after 'Seek after charity,' he says (1 Cor 14:1), so that we may be considered worthy to be converted from our hardness by the right hand of the Most High and reach that spiritual sweetness and rest, having been wounded by the love of the Divine Spirit."

- Maloney, George A., S.J., trans. Pseudo-Macarius: The Fifty Spiritual Homilies and the Great Letter. Paulist Press, 1992, p. 57.

An icon of St. Macarius the Great standing with a cherub.


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