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God is With You

Pandemics, protests, storms, and stress, no matter what you are personally facing right now, please know in your heart that God is with you. He has never left you. You have left Him. Seek Him again. Or, rather, open yourself up to understand who He is and where He is and what He is doing.

Unclench your fists. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes.

Sit. Take a deep breath. Breathe again. Breathe ever more deeply the third time.

Recite the Jesus Prayer: "Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner." Say it slowly. Say it over and over and over. Do this daily. Then start doing this many times a day.

There is nothing else that is permanently true, good, and beautiful. God is with you.

Icon of Christ, the Good Shepherd.


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