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Helping People is Dangerous



Taking the load off

Hand in hand

Step by step...

They reject.

And along the way...

You protect a safe image.

Compassion? Care?

Euphemisms be damned!

Alas! Spiritual Guidance...

That's the most dangerous business.

These over here need help.

Do they want to change?

Those over there are getting attacked.

Do you have the spiritual courage?

Look at them.

Listen to them.

Show them.

Guide them.

But most of all

Pray with them.

And pray...

And pray... and pray.

This is the life of

Christ's crucifying love.

And the work of the

Spirit overshadowing you...

To Feed

To Confess

To Anoint and

To Shepherd...

Them that curse you

Spit at you

Persecute you and

Condemn you.

This business of helping people is risky.

It's difficult and daring too.

But it's worth it... spiritual guidance that is.

It's worth it for their eternity and...

Your eternity, too,

Through, with, and in God!

Moses at the Burning Bush



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