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Paths of Dark and Light

Why do I take the man-made paths

Twisted and turning

With fits and stops along the way?

Overgrown with brambles

Created by a mind

Built by its own importance

Fleshed by a heart

Stirred by the demons lurking beneath.

Intercede for me all you saints!

Show me, Most Holy Mother!

The way back to the path

Your Son spoke into existence

Trod by His own feet

Washed by His own blood

Resurrected by His own Ascension!

Illumined by the Holy Spirit!

This is the path of deification

Born of love and silence

Hewn by pride, anger, sadness, and all the rest

I forget which is my worst

But they always get thrown back into the fire

Forged not by my tears or pleas

But by Your incarnation,

Your Very Body and Blood!

Pick me up into Your Arms

And set me down upon Your path again

In this life, For the next

So that I may behold your countenance

In the darkest hours.

Never regret the faith you gave me

The hope you are to me

The mercy You bequeathed to me in love. ‎(640 × 427 pixels, file size: 148 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

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