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Spine-Chilling Mystery

How can this be?

Pouring Your love into my heart?

Filling my mind with Your knowledge?

How can You want me before you in prayer?

Such a wretched soul

Crying for my sin.

Rending my garments

In a wilderness of my own making.

Hiding and


Repenting and


There I am.


Loving you with all my heart

Desiring to fulfill Your will.

Daring to be close to You now

Imagining life with You for all eternity.

Seeking Your face

Warming by Your light.

"What is this spine-chilling mystery that is being accomplished in me?"

An icon of the Transfiguration.

(The last line in the selection above is a quote from Symeon the New Theologian, "Hymn 1," Divine Eros, SVS Press, p. 35).

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