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Surround us with Your Holy Angels

Updated: May 4

"The One, Who at all times, and at every hour, both in Heaven and earth, is worshipped, and glorified, O Christ, our God, long-suffering, plenteous in mercy and full of compassion, Who loves the righteous and is merciful to sinners, calling all to salvation, through the promise of blessings to come, accept our supplications in this present hour, and direct our lives according to Your commandments. Sanctify our souls; purify our bodies; set aright our minds; cleanse our thoughts; and deliver us from all affliction, evil and distress.

"Surround us with Your Holy Angels, that guided and guarded by their interposition, we may attain the unity of faith, and the knowledge of Your ineffable glory. For You are blessed unto the Ages of Ages. Amen."

- A prayer from the Imperial Hours on Great Friday Morning.

The icon depicted is known as “Η Συναξις Των Αγγελων” (The Assembly of the Angels). It is an oil painting by the Greek artist Doménikos Theotokópoulos, commonly known as El Greco.


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