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Tears for Tabor

Updated: Jan 8

My mountain

My mountain

My poor, dear mountain,

How I weep for you!

You who bowed under

The feet of Our Lord.

You who lifted up

Moses and Elijah.

You who witnessed the

Transfigured Christ and

Sheltered the Apostles,

Who could not bear His light.

I wail for our people.

These children of Abraham

Who suffer and hate....

As much as they love and celebrate.

How do I know?

I see it.

I hear it.

I live it.

I will not forget that birthday

When I set my eyes on you.

After 3 days

A tomb was opened...

When my feet found

Your hallowed ground. I was

Awakened, enlivened, and transformed.

Transfigured? Not so fast.

2 days later Evil tried (again)

To drag me into his hell.

79 days hence, October 7

Bloodied your land.

3 months anon,

With bodies stacked high

Hearts brought low

And prayer belied...

Why would I be surprised?

Your land.

My land.

This very Holy land.

With tired hands

And blistered knees

My heart grows... weary?

Not so fast

I will not give up!

And neither will you.

Because God's love never abates

Through the blood and the hate.

Open your eyes at Theophany!

Throw your arms around the Resurrection!

Listen to the holy silence of Pentecost!

Seek the holy light of the Transfiguration!

My mountain

My mountain

My dear and glorious mountain,

How I cherish you!

Photo of Mt. Tabor taken by Fr. Thomas on 15 July 2023.


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