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The Inexhaustible Cup

With head bowed,

Back bent,

and tired feet,

I crawl to you

on hands and knees.

With eyes swollen,

Parched mouth, and

Prayer rope in hand,

I whisper the words,

One more time.

Your enemies are boundless

O Christ,

Yet, you offer

An inexhaustible cup that

Never runs dry?

Forgive me, a sinner.

You gave yourself

Mary Most Holy,

As the birth giver of God.

And now you provide

A refuge to me?

"Rejoice, for the angelic powers and the human race rejoice because of you!

Rejoice, for your glory surpasses both human and heavenly praise!

Rejoice, you have revealed to us the mystery of the Divine Eucharist by showing the image of your Son in the chalice!

Rejoice, you show us the Lamb born of you who is always eaten but never consumed!

Rejoice, O cup of life and immortality that leads us to the gates of eternal life!

Rejoice, you fill our thirsty souls with the water from the fountain of immortality!

Rejoice, you do not withhold your blessing even from the most rejected and despised!

Rejoice, by your compassion you pull us away from the pit of perdition!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!"

- Ikos VI, Akathist of the Inexhaustible Cup

- Example of an icon of the Inexhaustible Cup


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