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This Life I Give to You

With the rising of the sun,

You stretch my soul and breathe into my lungs.

In the still heat of the noonday,

You close my eyes and illumine my soul.

In the silence of the late afternoon,

You steady my feet and shake the sand from my shoes.

With the lengthening shadows of the setting sun,

You hold me in your arms and remind me of my last breath.

My God and My God and My God,

Why do you remain with me

As sinful as I am?

My God and My God and My God,

Why do you save me from myself

As wondering as I am?

Teach me to lay it all down

And to pick it up again.

This life of mine,

Which I give entirely to you.

I love you and

I love you and

I love you.

Bright-sun. A photo posted by Anuragrana18 to Wikimedia Commons.

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