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To Love and Be Loved

To love and be loved is

The greatest gift

In Heaven and on Earth.

It's like this...

Looking at someone

Looking at you with

Eyes that see your soul

Hearing someone

Hearing you with

Ears that hear your heart

Holding someone

Holding you with

Hands that hold your love.

Now imagine this...

God created you and me

Out of nothing.

Out of nothing?

Except for love, an eternal love.

A love that sees, hears, holds,

And knows ...really knows

You and me.

With immensity

And such unbelievable intensity.

This is our gift

This is our model

This is our call.

Know God and love God


Do His will.

And love each other with

All your mind, all your body,

All your heart, and all your soul.

Tealight Candle on Human Palms · Free Stock Photo ( Photo by Dhivakaran S, downloaded on 31 March 2023.


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