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Your Troubles and God's Will

Do you sleep restlessly, worrying about your life? Do you wake up with a pit in your stomach? Do you walk around all day with a weight on your shoulders? If so, you are not alone. Concerns about jobs, bills, money, health, relationships, and all manner of other things creates an experience inside of us that often feels like twice the pressure of gravity. And it doesn't let up.

So how do we deal we deal with this? The first thing to do is bring them to God in prayer. The acts of talking to, praising, thanking, and hoping in God not only removes these worries from the dark recesses of our inner selves, but also forces them outward and upward into a differently lighted reality. In other words, when we openly speak to God about our troubles, we get to view them, if only for a moment, from God's point of view.

The second thing is to remember that the people of God are willing to help us. In the world we live in, we are too-frequently accused of not 'having enough' or 'doing enough' and reminded that we 'don't measure up' or will 'never amount to anything'. That makes us want to hide. But more often than not, other people are willing to share our burdens and give us whatever they can of themselves to help. After all, they've been in the same place too.

The third thing to remember is that we are much more resourceful than we think. By this, we don't mean that we should get more adept at outsmarting others or cheating the systems of business and government we must live within. Instead, it means that we can live on less of what the world wants us to do and have. That means we must simplify how we live.

Finally, simplifying life comes down to this. Pray the 'Our Father' every day. And when it comes to the line: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," make a commitment to listening for what it is that God wants for you to do. And then go do it. That's all, nothing else.

By following God's will, choices become simpler and it makes it a little easier to avoid that traps of the world that end up troubling us so much.

May God bless you today and always.


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