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Water Restores Life, Reignites Fear

As summer gives way to fall, the rains come mightily down upon our homes, our heads and our hopes. These drenching storms wash away the dryness of summer and all of its dirt, sand and pollen. They refresh the grasses, restore the rivers and calm the senses. It is a natural rite of passage from frenetic exuberance to sullen hearts that intently stare at flowing waters washing the midday windows.

Downpours also stop tracks. Feet step with purpose and tires roll with clenched knuckles. Retention ponds overflow and streets become babbling brooks. Clouds become floods; humanity stops and feels its smallness once again.

This is the kind of ebb and flow that happens in life generally and in the spiritual life specifically. Because we get distracted, we lose our sight of what or WHO is important. We get mesmerized by the glittering days of summer and the spoils of life.

But seasons change for a reason. They make us see creation, ourselves, and God from a changed perspective. The water that cometh restores life and reignites fear. It makes us to see what we have missed. And this is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. He who makes us to lie down in green pastures, and lays down His life only to pick it up again.

Let the floods come. Let them seep you away. Look up into Heaven and say, "Yes, Lord, I am yours, all yours from now and until I come into your kingdom!"

Water resurrects.


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