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The Tempest of Travel

Traveling can be joyful at this time of year. Airports are filled with festive decorations, trios play smooth jazz, travelers are energetic, and airline employees seem eager to help. But all of that can be a false idol.

With inevitable delays, overcrowded planes, cranky children and impatient adults, the mood can turn frantic, anxious and sometimes downright nasty. There's some pre-planning on your part that can help you avoid being sucked into that tempest. But there's something more you can do.

In the days leading up to your trip, put aside everything and take time to breathe. Give yourself permission to read Sacred Scripture or the Holy Fathers and Mothers of the Church. Take a walk. Put yourself into a meditative mindset prior to getting to the airport and keep it until you've safely landed at your destination.

Christ taught us this. In the midst of everyone He met and all the things He did in this world, He took time to prepare Himself, to breathe, and to be in a state of continual prayer even in the midst of certain death.

Break the strength of the travel tempest by meditating on God. You'll quickly figure out that the crowded waiting area in front of gate B53 is not all that important.

Focus on the Holy Spirit. Let Him fill you with every grace and blessing.

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