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The Frigid, Empty Center

What good is a smile, if you make others grimace?

What good is talking, if you make others cry? What good is sharing, if you deceive others?

What good is a finger, if it shifts blame to others?

What good is a hand, if you use it to slap others?

What good is an arm, if you block others on their path?

What good are toes, if you only test the waters of darkness?

What good are feet, if you kick others when they're down?

What good are legs, if you walk away from others in need?

The burning center of an ego destroys you.

The frigid center of a heart destroys others.

The empty center of a spirit destroys everything.

The Father creates.

The Son redeems.

The Spirit sanctifies.

This is all you need.

Let it fill you.


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