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Starting Over

Sunrises and sunsets

Holidays and Holy Days

Births and deaths.

Years turn into decades as

Life fills with millions of

Moments of change.

Some we desire and

Others are forced on us.

Some feel like the questioning of the high priest (John 18:19).

Others like the scourging at the pillar (John 19:1).

Some even strike like a crucifixion (John 19:18).

And yet... at the heart of every one of these moments is a resurrection (John 20).

When change comes, we often experience it as pain.

Even the gladsome movements of life

Unsettle our yesterdays and

Replace them with unknown tomorrows.

And whether or not we know it at the time,

This suffering is meant to transfigure us.

It shatters our pride.

It breaks our assumptions.

It removes our selfishness.

It tempers our anger.

It prunes the vines that strangle our hearts and

It burns off the rot that destabilizes our faith.

Then comes a baptism of tears

And a silence filled with the Holy Spirit,

Whose noetic words encourage us and teach us.

In this mystical exchange love is rediscovered,

Faith is strengthened, and

Hope is returned.

Joy builds.

Peace settles in and patience is found.

Kindness comes and generosity flows.

Gentleness is given and self-control returns (Galatians 5:22-23).

This is the story of change.

It is the gift of starting over.


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