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Visible Presentation of Divine Reality 3

"Sometimes the other world itself, and particularly its order and main principles, is vividly portrayed in some striking manner in the consciousness of a person who us unfamiliar with this order, as in the... example of Blessed Andrew, Fool-for-Christ. It is also evident from many other examples in which people who are being converted were shown this divine order in a striking way. For example, the Indian king and his brother were shown a vision of the blessed dwelling places of the righteous. This occurred immediately after the Apostle Thomas (October 6) had given away the money that they had given him to the poor, instead of building a dwelling for himself. In another example, Hesychius the Chorebite (October 3) was shown the terrible torments of sinners. In yet another instance, Peter the Baker, who in great anger threw a loaf of bread at the face of a poor beggar, was shown God's judgment on his actions. Or in other instances, some deep consideration about death and one's subsequent fate were engraved in the minds of Prince Ioasaph (November 19), St. Clement (November 25), and the debauched youth whose dying father requested that he come visit him in his room every evening without fail during his decline."

- St. Theophan the Recluse, Turning the Heart to God, p.20-21 (published separately, this is the second part of The Path to Salvation).


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