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Awakening to the One, True Order

"When a grace-given awakening takes place in the consciousness of a man... there is an instantaneous destruction of the whole order of his willful and sinful life, and simultaneously the revelation before his consciousness of another divine order which is the one true and spiritually soothing order. Briefly one may depict this order as follows: God, who is worshiped in the Holy Trinity, who created this world, who sustains and providentially cares for it, saves us fallen sinners through the Lord Jesus Christ by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and under the guidance and supervision of the Holy Church. God leads us in the way of the cross, tests us in this life, and brings us to the eternal life of everlasting bliss. The divine order includes and contains all people, events, and institutions, and even the very principles by which everything runs. This entire order, through the action of grace, vividly engraves itself upon the spirit of a sinner."

- St. Theophan the Recluse, Turning the Heart to God, p.18 (published separately, this is the second part of The Path to Salvation).

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