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Addition to the First Kneeling Prayer

This is a vocal prayer, which is added in after the reading of the First Kneeling Prayer on Pentecost. It, too, gives us much to meditate on (the bold type is added to assist you in meditation). Notice the natural imagery; the appeal to mercy, love, and forgiveness; the desire to be closer to God; the call for protection; the need to be saved from the enemy; and the removal of chaos. This is an excellent prayer to help us with Theoria.

"Blessed art thou, O Lord, Master Almighty, who hast illumined the day with the light of the sun, and has made bright the night with the brilliant flashes of the lightning; who hast graciously enabled us to pass through the long day, and to draw near to the beginning of the night. Hear our petitions, and the petitions of all your people, and granting pardon unto us for all our sins, both voluntary and involuntary, accept our evening prayers, and send down the multitude of your mercy and your bounties upon you inheritance. Guard us with your Holy Angels. Arm us with the armor of your righteousness. Encompass us round about with the ramparts of your truth. Guard us by your might. Deliver us from every assault, and from every treacherous plot of the adversary, and grant unto us that this present evening and the approaching night, and all the days of our life, may be perfect, holy, peaceful, sinless, without stumbling, untroubled of dreams; through the prayers of the holy Birth-giver of God, and of all the Saints, who, in all the ages, have been acceptable in your sight."

- This prayer can be found in the Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church; compiled, translated, and arranged by Isabel Florence Hapgood; printed by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, 6th ed., 1983, p. 250.


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