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All of Us are Weak, Don't Lose Heart

Do not lose heart dear ones, we are all weak! If we seek comfort and courage in the Lord and in each other, we can work through the frailties of the human mind, body, and spirit.

This might help you get started. The following reflection explains how and why we drift from God. It also talks of the strength we need to move beyond the difficult times. If you read this slowly and clearly, and give yourself some quiet time to think, it can lead you into a better understanding of yourself; and with God's grace, into a still and quiet reflection that will offer you hope.

"Take courage! When the warmth of the spirit grows weak, we should strive in every way to restore it, cleaving to the Lord with fear and trembling. Everything comes from Him. Despondency, boredom, heaviness of spirit and body may occasionally oppress us and remain for a long time. You should not lose heart, but should stand firm, zealously working according to the rules you have undertaken. And do not expect the soul to be freed quickly from its attraction towards the wrong state; do not expect it always to preserve an equal warmth and sweetness. This never happens. On the contrary, always expect sudden changes. When dullness and heaviness come, realize that this is you, the true you, as you are; as to spiritual sweetness, accept it as an undeserved bonus."

- St. Theophan the Recluse as found in The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology, Timothy Ware, ed., Faber and Faber, 1966, p. 260.


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