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Forgive Yourself

The Sacrament of Confession is a necessary and beautiful part of a contemplative life. It forces us to reflect on ourselves, and our relationship with God and others. More specifically, it gives us the opportunity to encounter God out loud, forcing us out of our desire to lie to ourselves, and helping us more clearly participate in the forgiveness we need in order to draw closer to Him who desires our sanctification.

While many people throughout history have disagreed with the practice of Confession, those who participate in this sacrament on a regular basis find that it has a real psychological and spiritual benefit.

The only problem is, very often when we go to Confession, we continue to behave as if the sin is still with us. In other words, we either forget to or decide not to forgive ourselves. We have a tendency to do this because we carry such deep shame and guilt that we don't believe our souls and minds are mended or cleared of this particular disease of sin. This is us being our own worst enemy. This is also us believing the evil one (who tells us we are worthless) more than we believe the Word Incarnate.

Please remember: you are a unique and beautiful child of God. Learn to forgive yourself. And then you will be able to forgive others.


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