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Simplicity is Always the Answer

Everyone asks questions of God all the time. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Are you there? Are you listening? Can you help me? Please, will you help me out of this problem? Please, I'm begging you, can you help me? Why is he/she/they doing this to me? Where am I going? Why do I do these things?

No matter your question, part of God's answer will always be that you simplify your life.

Think about it. How many problems in your life come from the overcomplicated, overwrought, overinvolved, overly-selfish, and overtly evil passions, thoughts, and behaviors you choose on a regular basis? Reflect on this.

The good news is that you can stop this today. Learn to live in relationship with God first and foremost. Seek solutions that breed simplicity and offer peace. Avoid complication.

This is what the Holy Spirit is doing when He offers us His sanctifying grace.

Stop blocking His work in you. Pray.


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