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Pray Deeply and God Will Dwell in You

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

We must work to pray and to remember Christ so deeply in our hearts and minds that we experience Him dwelling in us, literally. This takes great effort, of course, but it is a necessary facet of the journey toward spending eternity with God. The beautiful part of this work is that the Holy Spirit will give us signs along the way that will lift us up and keep us going.

"Once remembrance of God has been established in the inner man, then Christ the Lord will dwell within you. The two things go together.

"A certain warm feeling toward the Lord will serve as a sign to convince you that this most wonderful thing has begun to operate inside of you. If you carry out everything that has been prescribed, this feeling will soon begin to appear more and more often, until finally it is there continually. Beginning from its first appearance, this feeling sweetly and blissfully arouses the desire to seek after it, so that it will never leave the heart, for in it is Paradise."

- St. Theophan the Recluse. "Letter 52." The Spiritual Life and How to be Attuned to It, translated from the Russian by Alexandra Dockham, (Arizona: The Holy Monastery of St. Paisius, 2017), pp. 210-211.


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