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Noise of the World Deafens Us to God

Are you trying to listen to God? Are you sad or angry that it seems like He doesn't respond to you? Maybe you're not able to hear Him because the noise in and around you is so deafening. Turn off your devices. Stop listening to all those other voices. Synchronize your life with the one who created you, redeems you, and tries very, very, very hard to sanctify you.


"When the noise of the world deafened me, I could not listen to him. Now, in the silence of solitude, I begin to hear the mystical singer. Both his music and his song become clearer to me. It is as if a new sense opens up inside of me, an ability to listen and understand him. I sense in his music a fresh feeling, in his words a new meaning - as wondrous as God's wisdom."

- St. Ignatius Brianchaninov. "Blessed is the Man." The Refuge: Anchoring the Soul in God, Nicholas Kotar, trans., Volume 2 of The Collected Works of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov), Holy Trinity Publications, 2019, p. 3.


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