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Breathe the Breath of God

Ways shallow that

Weigh down.

Panes clouded that

Pain all around.

Minds confused and

Mines that are fused.

Traps that are lain and

Slaps that remain.

Evil sows and

Chaos ensues.

Humans pursue and

Death reaps...

The not too few.

What is one to do?

Eyes closed and

Mind still.

Breaths deep and

Heart open.

Acquire the Spirit

Who is and Who was

And ever shall be

the Heavenly King.


Spirit of Truth

Breath of God, and

Giver of Life.

Holy Spirit stained-glass window (Cathedra Petri). File found at Wikimedia Commons by User: Dnalor 01CC-BY-SA-3.0-AT.


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