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Craving Eternity

Updated: Jan 25

I stare high up at the sky and

I see you.

I peer deep into the ocean and

I see you.

And yet, I do not see you.

I heed the echo of the mountains and

I hear you.

I hearken to the stillness of the desert and

I hear you.

And yet, I do not hear you.

When the wind blows across my face,

I feel you.

When the waves wash over me,

I feel you.

And yet, I do not feel you.

Taste and smell are

Like that, too.

Known and yet unknown...

Again and again and again.


I know You are near me.

I know You are in me.

I know You are with me.

I know and I know and I know.

And yet, I want more.

I crave the smallest possible space

Between You and me.

I desire it with bated breath.

So, I ask.

I pray.

One thing.

One thing alone.

Whatever I cannot see now,

Whatever I cannot hear now,

Whatever I cannot touch now,

Whatever I cannot taste and smell now...

I will give it up -

All of it.

To be with you

In eternity...

Catching glimpses of the

Illuminated Darkness.

Hearing snippets of the

Uncreated Silence.

Everything for eternity

Oh...what an eternity!

This photo was downloaded on 24 January 2024. Red and Orange Galaxy Illustration · Free Stock Photo (


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