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Sweet Little Judas

Awake and arise my little children.

I am not here to tell you a bedtime story,

I am here to tell you the truth.

Awake and arise so I can tell you about the Christ.

Did you not hear me my little ones?

He is risen. Truly, He is risen.

Why do you not leap to your feet and run to Him?

Can you not say a word?

Filled with fantasy you cannot recognize Him

But only the characters in slumber’s play.

You have been lulled to sleep

You cannot see Him anymore.

Re-live the farce of His betrayal

Look at His indignity.

Watch Him bound and beaten

See Him laid in the tomb.

He released you from the millennial sleep

But you spend time wallowing in your fantasies.

He cries out for you

But your minds are numbed by the images that mesmerize.

You are indifferent and it shows.

You are indifferent and it crucifies.

If you hated Him at least I would know you were alive.

I could share what I have been told then you could be about your business.

But that’s just it isn’t it?

You made a deal not to listen.

You made a deal with the one who despises you.

All you had to do is to promise that you wouldn’t wake up from your sleep.

Awake and arise before it’s too late!

You have forgotten the Christ

The One who reaches out for you in truth

In goodness. In beauty.

Wipe away the sleep from your eyes

See Him.

Open your ears

Hear Him.

You have been sleeping in the frozen winter.

Wake up.

Choose the Savior

Rush to the Body. Rush to the blood.

You still crave sleep?

Distraction is simpler than the sacrifice of love.

Go back to sleep.

Go back to sleep my sweet little Judas’.

‘Arrest of Christ (Fragment)’ was created in 1311 by Duccio in Proto Renaissance style.


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