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Give me Strength to Carry Your Love to Others

My Lord and my God

I wake up each day

Praising You

Loving You

Asking forgiveness from You.

Today, as every other day before and after,

I ask what I can do to know Your will and

To live Your will as fully and completely as I am capable.

I also ask what I can do to

Assist others in living Your will fully too.

For this I have to come to know is the

Greatest act of love toward You and them.

To strive to know, to live, to act according to

Your desire, not my own - and to

Offer up my prayers, my actions, my desires

In loving service to You who loves us all

More than we can ever imagine

More than we can ever fully replicate

On this earth, in this time, in a manner

Befitting Your Holiness, Your Truth, Your Beauty.

I am in awe of You.

I am in love with You.

Knowing full well the weight of my sins

I truly, deeply desire to be closer to you

Every day, all day, and into eternity.

Give me the strength to carry such Love to others.

For it is not mine to keep but to cherish.

It is not mine to hold, but to share.

It is not mine, and yet it is in me, around me

On top of me and below me.

For You, O God, are One.

You are a Triunity of love

Outpouring and Overflowing

This day and every day

From the beginning of time to its end.


The icon of the Holy Trinity by Rublev.


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