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Release Their Pain

With eyes closed,

Hands clasped, and

On bended knee

It rushes over me...

The pain of others

Reaching out

For love and


How am I able

To make them stable

In faith and in hope?

When it occurs to me...

I have nothing to offer,

Except, perhaps

Love and love and love for you

My prayer, too?

They need more!

Than my meager words

And simple actions.

For I am nothing.

Without your mercy

Without your love

Without you as a gift

Nothing will release them from the rift...

That they created

In their past,

And is present in their present,

Standing in the way of their future with You.

You are the One

Who knew them before time.

You are the One Who walked the Earth

Knowing what it is to live in these bones.

Share with them

Your Body.

Give them, I beg,

Your Blood.

Enliven them

With the Holy Spirit.

Call them by name,

To come to you without restrain.

Next time I stare at the rain,

I won't just feel their pain.

I will find their beating hearts


Photo downloaded from Wallpaper Cave.


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