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Sound Familiar?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Society screams

And people demand.

I search for words

And nothing is heard.

But why try?

There was a Word

Filled with light.

Given in flesh and

Lived in love.

But ended by blood?

Complainers complain

And pursuers pursue.

I search for the Body

And nothing is found.

But an empty tomb?

There was a Body

Filled with light.

Given a new life

Ascended in love.

But alone again?

Demons emerge

And doubters scheme.

I search for help

And nothing is seen.

But I have to believe?

There was a Spirit

Filled with breath.

Giving a new life

So that it would never end.

But I'm supposed to follow?

While a Word that was, is

And ever shall be ours

The Spirit remains

And overcomes all.

But I'm supposed to seek?

Sound familiar?

You did not inherit anger, fear, sadness

and the words of guilt and shame.

You are the heir of the Light.

You are the recipient of mercy.

You are the loved of the beloved.

Fill me with Your quiet words...

Let them carry me... into eternity...


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