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The Necessary Infinitude of Contemplation

Humans have a capacity for understanding, and living, within the infinitude of God now and into eternity. It is a fact and a desire deep within us. It pervades our body, our intellect, our emotion, our relationships, and most importantly, our spirit.

For the vast majority of people, however, there is a failure even to recognize its presence, God's inward presence, at any level. For some, there is a dismissal of what is beyond the human intimacies of hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting. For others, life is spent in an admixture of fear and hatred of it.

Rather than knowing themselves in an ever concentrating and ever connecting relationship with God in love and prayer, they desire to control their material world, fighting it and dominating it, not realizing that it can never be mastered or even tamed.

Yet, the urge toward the infinity of God keeps coming and coming. To get away from this all-filling and sustaining eternal love, people tend to destroy their surroundings so that they can experience a type of false infinitude, which is made up of the re-creation of the world around them. They do this over and over in the kind of dysfunction, which ultimately leads to every sort of human degradation.

Thus, there is a need for contemplative prayer because, in it, is found our deepest longing for a reciprocal love with a loving God and an infinite connection with He who sustains us in the ‘here and now’ and prepares us for the eternal ‘there and then.’

Release yourself.

Choose eternity with God.


Blue and White Cloudy Sky Photo · Free Stock Photo ( Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis downloaded on 22 March 2023.


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