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A Prayer for Every Kind of Illness

O Almighty Master, Physician of souls and bodies, Who humbleth and raiseth up, Who chasteneth and again healeth: as Thou art merciful, do Thou visit our brother (sister), N., who is sick. Stretch forth Thine arm, full of healing and cures, and heal him (her), raising him (her) up from his (her) bed and illness. Do Thou forbid the spirit of sickness; dismiss from him (her) every wound, every infirmity, every sore, every fever and seizure. And if there be imputed unto him (her) iniquity or transgression, do Thou loose, remit and forgive him (her), out of Thy love for mankind. Yea, O Lord, be merciful unto Thy creation, in Christ Jesus, Our Lord, with Whom Thou art blessed, together with Thy Most-holy, Good and Lifegiving Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

(From the Great Book of Needs, vol. 3, The Occasional Services, translated from Church Slavonic with notes by St. Tikhon's Monastery, St. Tikhon's Seminary Press, South Canaan, Pennsylvania, 2002.)


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