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Meditating on the Icon of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow

On October 24, the Church commemorates the icon of the Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow (of Moscow).

This icon depicts the Theotokos as a mother who feels our pain. It is believed, by Orthodox Christians, that she intercedes for us, bringing our pain into her Son's presence. She is praying our prayers with love, bringing our needs into the unique relationship that a mother shares with her children. She is our joy, because in her love she hears us. Her unceasing intercession and her limitless love help heal our sorrows.


This commemoration offers us an opportunity to meditate (prayer of the mind) on the following:

Do I have pain? Is it physical, mental, and/or spiritual? Do I seek to comfort others who are in pain?

Do I seek the protection and intecession of the Theotokos?


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