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When Anger Wells Up, Evil Takes Over

When we get hurt by someone we love, an anger wells up from deep within us. Sometimes it takes over us by surprise. Sometimes we want it to rise up. Either way, we experience a period when we want it to grow. We want to feel its power. Our muscles tighten. Our mind grows focused. A searing heat builds in our blood. For a time we enjoy this strength. We feel like we can defeat whatever it is that has risen from without with those powers from within.

But over a period of minutes or hours, we detect a change. We can sense that something else has entered us too. The difference between "our anger" and the "it" is slight at first. But it distinguishes itself more and more until we realize that something else slipped in; and it isn't just a feeling. It's a presence. It's a being. It's evil personified.

This is how elusive evil can be. It sneaks up on us. It take any path it can to invade us.

But there is good news. If we are well-catechized, pray regularly, and are well-guided by a spiritual father or mother, we can take small steps to eradicate this unholy beast from our hearts.

To start, we must supplicate ourselves. We must bow down before Christ and His Most Holy Mother, the Theotokos. We must pray for forgiveness for our own wrongs. Then we beg for everything to be taken from us that is not from God. In that instant, we begin to heal. We begin to see that the anger that arose in us has subsided and so has the temporary demon. Then, we understand that we have found a moment for growth away from sin and selfishness to virtue and gift-of-self back to God.

We must always remember that our path in this world is fraught with distraction and deception. That is why we must always keep our eye on God, living for the Most Holy Trinity alone. If we do that, evil will not win out, even when we incite the anger inside. Only mercy and love conquer evil.


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