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Work and Prayer in a Parish Setting

It is sad in the modern American context that so many parishes have to resort to putting on events to pay their bills. Either because there are too few parishioners or because the existing parishioners can't or won't contribute enough, parishes are forced to spend precious time and money planning, preparing, marketing, and working various festivals, bazaars, and dinners.

While these types of activities, under the right conditions, can be an opportunity to interact with each other and evangelize in the local community, it seems that they become a replacement for the spiritual work that is vital necessary in the church community. Think about it this way: when people come to church do they continue to act as they would at home, work, or school?

If so, what is the point of going to church?

Bringing our time and talents to the church are a good thing, but we can never lose sight of the fact that church is the place where we come to worship our God through prayer and where we learn how to pray when we are not in church.

If we worry a little less about all of these events, and bravely build a culture of joy and excitement around prayer, how would the parish change? How would each of us change? How would the community change?

God Himself gave us the tools to speak with Him. Why aren't we actively using them to be closer to Him and each other?


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